Blue Faces, a reference of the 100 dollar bill has long been a symbol of wealth and success. At Blue Faces Juice we believe your body is worth the most significant investment towards longevity in life which embodies the promises delivered through each product from the cold-pressed juice, dairy/gluten mylk, and our purified alkaline water. So often we over work our bodies in order to accommodate the lifestyle of our dreams, but neglect taking care of the body on a consistent basis.​ There is no life in an unhealthy soul.


During this complex time of dealing with unsafe environments, and a lack of organic remedies we were inspired to be another source to help provide. We make consuming fruits and veggies easy, refreshing, and tasteful - even on the go. We want to push trends towards not only healthy but natural remedies. As a former college athlete, being involved in sports showed me how important it was to PROPERLY FUEL the body in order to have a strong mind and body that competes at the highest level over an extended period of time.